Creative Duo Artsi Ifrach and Mous Lamrabat came together as a creative team to build stories through images. Inspired by Moroccan heritage and Arab cultural richness, designer Artsi Ifrach and photographer Mous Lamrabat have been lately changing the perspective of fashion photography.

Both inspired bij their endless motherland Africa, Mous and Artsi are known for constantly provoking the stereotyped idea of fashion and beauty. Like in a dreamland photo shooting their main muse is the concept ZE3MA (Moroccan-Arabic word for "Like if…") transforming each of their work into pure Avant-garde.

From sculptured covered woman standing in the middle of the Sahara desert to crosses shot on the rooftops of Marrakech fully covered in Gucci, Artsimous two creative minds portraying a new artistic eye into the fashion world.

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DOUNIA / 2019