Michele Ciacciofera

Born in 1969, Nuoro, Sardegna, Italy. Lives and works in Paris, France.

Michele Ciacciofera works with a wide variety of media and in a circular manner, moving from drawing to sculpture via painting and sound experiments.
After sudying sociology and anthropology at the Institue of Political Science in Palermo, he began working in collaboration with artist and architect Giovanni Antonio Sulas. His work then developed around several series, from the Silence! series, in which he explored violence as the nature of media images linked to terrorisme, to another devoted to the desert, or to Antonio Gramsci, to whom he dedicated an exhibition entitled Odio gli indifferenti. Deeply imbued by Mediterranean culture, his artistic practice can be linked to certain themes investigated by different writers such as Grazia Deledda, whose work describes the pastoral world, or Giuseppe Dessi, evoking a universe moulded by traditions and commanded by cosmology and primitive archetypes, and also to a nature that is now transfigured, as suggesred by the title of his recent exhibition, Enchanted Nature Revisited, at the CAFA Museum in Beijing curated by Wang Chunchen, 2016 / Enchanted Nature Revisited, Primus Capital Art, Milan, 2016).

His art is an affirmation of memory affirming the value of the politics of living. Pieces are a gift of Nature, coming with each mystical discovery, indicating absolute allegories and specimens of the transcendental world.
In 2000, he travelled to Morocco and read Elias Canetti on the dynamism of crowds, the light in Arab souks, people and atmosphere, and thereby discovering new colours. The realism of inter-weaving of colour and implied qualities of light are where he finds his expressions of realism. The explorations, of North Africa especially, led to a body of work titled Marrakech widely exhibited in Italy and France.

He recently participated to the 57th International Art Biennal, Viva Arte Viva in Venice (2017); documenta 14, Athens - Kassel (2017). He also participated to numerous exhibition such as J’ai rêvé le goût de la brique pilée, ENSA/La Box, Bourges (2016), What we call love, IMMA Museum, Dublin (2015); Carta Bianca Fine Arts, Catania (2015); 20th Street Studio Projects, New York (2015).

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