Julia Krahn

Julia Johanna Dorothee Krahn
Born in Juelich, Aachen, Germany
Lives and works in Milan, Italy

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Artist statement

The work of Julia Krahn quests for the permeability of the sight between the artist’s and the observer’s identity. Daily objects, symbols, traces of the past are here redefined through the photographic images. Her works are therefore characterized by a fluid ambiguity: the artist is interested on crystallizing the fragments of a secret and real private and transforming it from a liquid to a solid state, more than just narrating a story or reporting the passing of time.

The artist research reflects upon lost and unbalanced values in society, family, and religion up to pointing her camera on images that recalls Christian icons. She creates images that underline the contrast with traditional symbols and works on the inner conflicts staging pairs of opposites, at times making self portraits with the automatic shutter release using her own body.


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